Umma Do Me



School already started, been up to nothing but work n school, no life. So yap, no updates…. But there are some updates in the GFX Design section with the latest flyer’s i designed. Watch out for more of those as they are made πŸ™‚

Umm, lets see… still trying to make the mix… just been so busy, but i promise to have that before the end of the year πŸ˜† Trying to get on with the Nigerian Independence Party at Moya also, so watch out for me there cause i might be doing big SHY*E!

Calculus is kicking me butts, but trying to slap it back…. and after that everything’s good i guess.

Rock On Dude is damn sure still alive πŸ˜€ and kicking. Watch out for us cause we got big things planned. Our site is registered: and you can check it out for updates when it comes out anytime before the end of the year!

Best Regards,
Olajide Olaolorun

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