Some Rantings



Just wanted to update you on something i thought you can know about what is going on with me. 😛 Take it as a gift since i really dont like people getting into my business anyways… but then you can start thinking WTF do i have a blog for then? Well, i really dont know so hush! There are tons more things you can post on blogs for those haters out there.

  • Live Free or Die Hard: First of all, you have to go see that movie. I think that’s the movie of the year, so believe me, its worth every @#$% penny!!!
  • Triple O, LLC: My next phase of work is to start on the Triple O, LLC website, since its about the same case as this one was till a few days ago and it only took my like 3 days to do this, it shouldn’t take anything more than a week to at least have a clean and simple working design for the site, so hopefully before the end of July something should be up on the site.
  • Works: Working on getting some more clients and jobs added to my portfolio… since i haven’t really done as much as i want. Working with a client now to revamp his site, already started, and almost done as soon as he gets the other info to me, but i’m thinking of re-improving on the design also…
  • Ma Words: Men, i am still trying to decide if i should just say everything here, or limit myself as to the cursing… not sure yet, but since this is my personal site… You might see me make the decision soon.
  • Disk Jockey: Ha, life as i see it. Got my new toy 😀 and i wont lie it costs me a stack, but i think its worth it. Should be able to make the money back after a while of getting gigs, so please if you are in the Atlanta/Decatur area and need a DJ, holla at your boi! Still got some more things to go but get that as time passes.

Anyways, enough of me blobbing around… Going to sleep.

Best Regards,
Olajide Olaolorun

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