Nikon D90

Oh my Gawd the Nikon D90 is out and guess what? It comes with HD Video!!! What! What! Plus it’s MSRP probably at $999 for just the body & $1,300 with a 18-105mm f3.5/5.6 VR lens! You can’t top that! 😆 I sold my damn Sony Cyber-Shot H9 to buy this and i am totally getting it as soon as it comes out… wait, as soon as i have the money for it. lol

Click the picture on top for more information on Gizmodo.


  1. nice camera!!

    hmm but can’t top it, how about the hasselblad h3d? u have to admit its pretty badass, but the price! wow.

  2. For a $25,000 camera, i better have 3d options or something.. lol. i saw that “thing” on Engadget a while ago… i bowed. plus, i’ve seen someone with the 29-39mp version, not the new 31mp version.