Street Credibility



Posted this under facebook so i thought to post it here. Inspired by the song Street Credibility by 9ice! You need to hear that track also.. in fact the whole album!

Check ma street credibility… Born & raised in Oyo State out of naiJa, Felele, Ibadan around Ring Road! Toured the states and ended up in da 3-1-3, D-Town for Detriot. Got thrown back home and Raised in the boroughs of Ojodu, Lagos & next in the hoodlum of Eleme, Port Harcourt… Ran into the BX, not that BX, the Brixton BX… Lived it up in the city of NY, NJ… Crashed in the A-Town & Learned in Chocolate City, or you can call it DC… Landed back in the A-Town, and ended up finding a Family in BMORe, da streets of the wire, and after came back to the Dutty South, ATL where it is i found love!

The conference went well, came back home and gt sick.. probably cause i had to get used to the cold again. Playing catch up with school and everything else as usual while trying to live a life. Finished the job for Unicorn Podiums, fixed the problems and now the site uses a little bit of php to load pages up + lightbox 2 for images on some pages. If you have a job for me, please contact me. 😉

Best Regards,
Olajide Olaolorun

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