Naija Blog Awards

Speak of the devil, i was just nominated for Best Use of Media at the Naija Blog Awards. Wow, thanks guys. Anyways, you can put your 2cents in and vote for me. Next year hopefully, i will be under more category. 😉

You can also VOTE HERE.

Thanks guys.. also vote for Bombchell. 🙂


  1. U mean thanks Bombchell!!!! >_<

    hows everyone linking it (shrugs) just vote for me, if u see me nom lol

  2. King Ola says:

    lol…. I wonder why you wherent under the Personal Blog category.

  3. lol i dont know, others must have had more votes. i heard people were campaigning lol.

  4. King Ola says:

    Wow, its that serious huh. lol