Updates + Dark & Lovely

I know there has been lack of updates for the last week, but i moved last monday, and been trying to catch up with coursework since then. Finals are next week and am up at 5:30AM trying to do as much as i can where needs be.

Anyways, i should be updating the site… as in new design and so on. will also be getting the new work done on it, i cant do much till after the photo shoot so stay tuned for that.  On the other hand i leave you with Kuku.

KUKU – Dark & Lovely


  1. oooh ur moving!! how fun u get to redecorate, well unless its dorms, or yeah and that costs money. anyways still fun!!!

    goodluck with finals!!!!

  2. King Ola says:

    new apartment of course!! dorms??? lol. never did that before. lol. and NO its not fun!!! It was too much work!!