Sounds Of Africa



Combined mix of South African House music, kwaito, Ghanian, azonto and Nigerian, gbedu. A #ClassicTape Series.

Africa, my birthplace, my home.
The originator of all things great.
Your music from coast to coast is immaculate in the least.
I say this now, never too late.
Born in the borders of Nigeria, I have tasted Life
Fela and the legacy he carries even today
Fuji, and its intensity,
Highlife, Afrobeat and Yo pop
But I Digress
The life I tasted took me across plains of my land
The expression that is needed for Azonto
To the likes of Makoosa
It’s rhythm, and the joy it brings
The heart of Coupé-Decalé
Birth in decay but exhausted by its people
To Lengoma in the belly of the South
Where Acapella was unleashed on a world that needed it
African Reggae displayed by the lips of the great Lucky Dube
Music so pure and ethnic
That nothing else rivals its authenticity and purity
What can be said about the birth of music
A tunnel to language
Even our speech was derived from the peaceful translations of song
A medium for storytelling, and never ending culture
I am Africa
I am Music
– @Naija4lyf