Rock On Dude! & Nigerian Independence Day Party



Its now up to a year since the beginning of Rock On Dude! We have hosted events from college parties to video game tournaments and now, we are number 1 under the search “rock on dude” on Google.

At first we started off not being listed and within the very first week, i believe we made it to somewhere on page 2 or 3. At the end of that month, we where at the bottom of page one and for so long the folks over at had #1 on lock! Well, i didnt make any change to anything, but as you can see, we are now #1. 😉 If you know much about Google, you’ll know their search list is based on significance and page/view/search. Anyways, am happy 🙂 Almost every site i work on is listed #1 on Google. *cough* hire me for your job!

Anyways, the Nigerian Independence Day is coming up and so is the main bash party. September 27th @ Club Lavish (aka Club Chandon). Don’t miss it! You can come and prove to us if you think you tougher than Nigerian hair.

In case you where wondering, Nigerian Independence day is really on October 1st.