90's Throwback & Bombchell

I know you remember this right here:

Mark Morrison – Return of The Mack, hmm hmm. Wow, i havent seen the video in so long. 😆 Thanks to Michelle Bombchell for digging it out the closet. 😉 I also got a shout out on her blog. Yey! Its one of those blogs i’m addicted to and have subscribed via Firefox’s Live RSS Bookmarks. *cough* she is also a hot geek so… *hmm hmm*

But about that video… umm, i remember us spreading rumors about how he killed his wife, went to jail, got out, and thats how the song came about, back in Secondary School in Nigeria. Big 90s hit so shout out to Mark Morrison cause i read he might be coming back again to the scene (big-time) since the Death Row split.

Hmm, i’ve also been sick this whole week. Sucks cause i have gigs throughtout this weekend, seeing its recession, we gonna have to slap tylenol or something on that and get to work. lol, but really, i hate medicine, pills and co. I prefer injection (shots). I guess it’s because i was raised that way. Mom was a doctor so you already know the drill.

Just to mention, am still wating on my Nikon D90. I am gonna get it i tell you. Also getting this backpack from Amazon to go with it.


  1. Bombchell says:

    lol what!!! he’s coming back again!!

    OMG when i was in school ppl jokingly changed the lyrics, i remember “tried to jump the fence”

    hope u feel better.

    [GASP] yeah right your gonna get it!!!!!!!!! yeah right! tripod, flash, more equipment, more money!!

    ooh cool shoutout, lol and were all super geeks, some just hide it better 😉

  2. King Ola says:

    Yep. lol, h signed under Global Music Group now.

    Chill, 😆 dont let me think about all that yet. Lets start with me first getting the Camera. lol.