One Day Moving



Wow, even i have to admit that i didnt think to have everything fixed and done in 1 day. Fixed all the CSS and JavaScript errors and clashes, and now everything looks just fine. I even had time to work on‘s errors also. Next phase is and then on to my to-do list for the summer.

  • Uniform Server 4.0: Featuring Apache 2.2, and updated Admin Panel 2, some major/minor bug fixes and patches, alongside with some cool new features.
  • Hustler Musik vol.1: The Mixtape! Yes, its official so expect it anytime before Fall. Featuring artist such as Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Rocko, Jay Z, NAS, The Game and much more. No intros, no smark talking, no beefing!
  • Triple O, LLC: Ha, lol. I know, i know, but the case with this site is i never get satisfied with the design and i told myself from the beginning that i would take my time till i get that. Hopefully, this should be done before the end of the summer also, but with the way things are going am not so sure cause this is at the bottom of the list for now.
  • Others: and some other things, 😆

Anyways, enough ranting, bout to get to work on the DJing part of this site and then work on some more flyers. That also reminds me that i have some flyers to put up. Maybe later…

PS: Forgot to mention Mr. Black (header pic.)

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