While We Where Sleeping



Warren Buffett While we where sleeping, did you know that Warren Buffett become the #1 RICHEST Man on Earth? A position Bill Gates held loosely for the past 13 years. Oh who cares.. he aint paying me, lol. Anyways, according to this article by Forbes, Bill lost his position because of their bid on Yahoo!? Shouldn’t that be a good thing? I guess not. I even hear Yahoo!’s stock is doing very bad at the moment.

He also talks about donating a whooping $36 million to his foundation on this post, and that being the cause. Wow.

Do you know there are now 10 million, millionaires in the world? Are you one of them? Why not? 😆

Oh yea, Monet’s water lily painting sold for $80.5 million! I read yesterday about a picture also been sold for $3 million. Do people really have that much money… guess what was in the picture? ..take a look! Anyways, i guess art is becoming a better investment than stocks.

Oh and yeah, wassup with everyone looking for ways to knock someone else’s hustle. We’ll talk more about that ish later on.

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