Drive a Billboard



Drive a Billboard You know i used to laugh at this but people might want to start considering this as an option. Gas price is going up by the day and pretty soon its not going to be funny anymore. Gas now at $4 is no joke. Damn, you cant even get a free ride anymore. Homeboy cant take you to McDonald’s without gas money, damn homey! šŸ˜† But seriously though, i be seeing them ATL Niccas with painted up YellowPages whips, Negro, you better be getting paid for that ish. I cant even wear a damn Kellogg jacket… and yet some of yall buy them for 2 bills?? Lets think right from now on please people.

Here is a CNN topic about a woman getting FREE GAS, yes FREE GAS plus $500 for driving that. Moving to Fort Valley, GA for a month also… Umm, KINGOLA.COM could be getting a revamp. I dont know yet, but the JavaScript has problems at times when viewed from IE. Not sure why, but we’ll see.


Am up for a gig at Utopia also tomorrow. Utopia Tapas & Lounge. 840 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30318. If you aint doing nothing tomorrow, check that out. Its an event for the FAMOUS Greek Weekend. Greek & Sexy. Its 21+ so all yall kids… am sorry. Am up 9-11PM. Peace!

~ Ola

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