Mexico's Rich Embedding GPS-Assisted RFID Tags Under Their Skin



In the case of kidnappings, Mexico pretty much has a big case of that. I even heard  that there where at least 7 kidnappings per day at one point in time in Mexico.

Watched that movie by Danziel? Man On Fire? Well, its kinda true. So now to fight against all the kidnappings going on, Rich people in Mexico are now inserting GPS-RFID’s under their skins.


Read more about the story at Gizmodo. In short, it cost about $4000 for the implant procedure and then a $2200 annual fee.

The bad thing about this though is that the GPS is seprate. Its a capsule that you will have to carry around with you at all times. Wow, like your kidnapper is going to let you hold that along the way. lol.