NextGen Turntables



I use a new type of turntable. Came out the beginning of this year, made by DENON DJ, called the DN-HS5500. Its pretty slick, you can check out the site for more info, but recently i’ve seen some turntable, things or state of art or whatever you wanna call it that are being developed or set for production.


A while back i remember reading about the ATTIGO Turntable. Its main feature: Touchscreen Technology! Are you serious? You might want to watch the video of it in action also.

Montegiro Lusso Turntable

Ok, this is the Montegiro Lusso Turntable. I really dont know what to think of it either. Looks like something that belongs in my kitchen or restroom, plus guess what, it costs a whooping $50,000 so i can definately bet you, you wont see any DJ carring that ish arround. Look at it one more time, that ish better be able to make coffee without the beans.

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