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In light of recent shit happening i have to vex my thoughts on this weBlog. In everything i do, i take my job very seriously. I dont compete with people i dont see fit for me to reach the level i want to reach. As a promoter and event planner, its all about the customers. The client that pay that requested qwap at the door, and plan on having a good time on anyone of my (our/we/collab) events, but lately i have to say other wise for some promoters around town. Atlanta has always been know as “the” night-life city and a new promoter/club springs up like everyday, but he fact about the thing is most of them are just in it for the money. Some promoters dont even care about their parties. Just the money. Its a damn shame. I’ve even seen some other promoters, who dont promote in their city, come to my city of Atlanta, to fcuk shit up for us here.

To me, to be a true promoter, you have to be a true socialite. You have to have be/have been the catered, to be a true caterer. Some promoters dont even go to other promoter’s parties because of their pride or whatever it is they got, and thats sad. Just cause he or she might be doing better dont mean you shouldn’t. As a promoter you have to get out there. Mingle, and learn more. You might be at the top, but believe me there are other things you (not anyone in particular, just rambling) may still have to learn.

Now, in light of recent news, there has been a ******S promoter who goes around talking shit about every other promoter. Nicca, you need to sit your ass down! You dont come to other peoples city and expect them to just effn rollover cause of you when you dont even do ish in your damn city! I dont see you out in the streets of Atlanta pushing flyers so please you have no right to say shit about my group or any other group/promoters out there. Which brings us to the fact about Facebook Promoters. Please, if you aint pushing in the streets, at the club exits, you aint a full promoter. Yes, you still promoting, but you need to get out there. To the clubs, the parks, the mall, house parties, and every other option in the book of promoting. Plus, some of yall, need to stop effn SPAMING people. I wake up with 2 pages of brand new event spam messages! 1 is good enough!

Its only right that i also talk about promoters and their DJs. If you a promoter and your event is cashing in good, please, please, please, do not tell me you still effn your DJ over. If you making good money i see no reason for you not to pay your DJ a fair share cause “he makes the damn party” not you! If you do him wrong, he might just decide to eff you over next time and then people start talking about how they had a bad experience about YOUR party.

Anyways, its only right that i say my own, and people, stop knocking another niccas hustle.

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