Uncle Luke @ Pure



Luke So Luke was at Pure Atlanta last nite with all his people. The club i have to say has a nice interior decor unlike the old Club Nile which it once was. The party was nice, am sorry i really didnt get music hype till Kid Capri started playing. The other DJ was on some other ish i didnt know anything about. No dissing, just saying mines. Anyways, i cant stand parties with people NOT dancing. You might as well go do soemthing else with your damn life or stay home. Trying to come to the club looking cute all nite… umm, rethink that people. Yall need help. šŸ˜‰ Back to the point, the club wasnt really filled up, i guess people where out bowling @ 300 for the Greek Week. Now i think i need a small camera. Saw his tricked out limo truck. Like the one on Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop video, but bigger. Ofcourse, they had the big ol’ cake, yes a girl came out that ish, no, nothing happened, and no there wasnt no nasty freaks over there. Am pretty sure they kept all that to personal convos.

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