Some Cool Sturvs



So somehow i landed on The FADER and from there Young Jeezy’s new weblog and then also kanYe West’s weblog and found some pretty cool things in-between.

Lostest Phone

Ooohhh.. get me one of these. “Aint no other nicca got one these so you know amma rock it to the fullest.” Longest phone in the world too.. mehn, can we say Dopetastic. Anyways, i think its just a concept design as of now so someone better pick that ish up and get to production.

DJ Tables

Checked out their site, they got some cool tables, but none are for me. I use a Denon HS5500 and most of their tables are for old-style technic like turntables.

Pimp Laptop

If you got a pimp daddy, i guess you can get him one of these. Even got a diamond track point tip.

Glass Keyboard

I need, want, no, need one of these! Sick! Plus its possible cause i’ve seen something along this line but it didn’t have a board.

Concept PC

You gotta read this one to know about it. Its s l i c k!

Next Gen Zune

I really dont know what to think… but ok?

Future Car

Jame Bond style. Rides on land and water, PLUS it can drive itself. Check out the video also.

BMW Gina

I really didnt like this design from the look of the images, but you need to check out the video.

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