"a .. crime-ridden, corrupt, disgrace of a city"

So i was searching for news clips today and came across this. First of all, if you dont know when an email about someone sending you $25 million is real or not, then you truly are a mugu!

I want you to listen to the clip when they followed the money back to Lagos, and how the stupid-ignorant-mother fucker of a narrator called Lagos “a sprawling crime-ridden, corrupt, DISGRACE of a city.” I dont even know what to call that, but for ABC to actually allow that on their station?!?

Just like the girl said “she was stupid enough to send her information,” plain simple. If you are so stupid to fall for something like that, then you are just plain dumb! So, anyways, like Ukwa said, you are the mugu and they are the master.

You know its funny the fact that in this case, this guy actually turns around, but the fact i hate about this video is why the fuck does the newscaster guy (Brian Ross) have to do the talking? I am no racist, but WHY??? I’m sure dude has a mouth, and am sure dude can speak English so why the eff did he have to put his own 2 cents in?

Anyways, i dont care, if you are greedy enough to get scammed like this you dont deserve pity! Oh, and here is a white man doing it:

Have you people ever heard of the first law of economics? TANSTAAFL “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” ?!? Men, check YouTube, you’ll see alot of these.

Wait, I wonder if Ukwa is getting money from these bastards for using his video/music on their disgrace of a documentation? If not, somebody needs to get Usofia in America and get him a damn lawyer! Eff that shyte, they’ll sue if it where anybody else.

Oh and umm bitches, am a proud ass Nigerian and neither do i do that 419 ish so get with it. Some of us are actually decent working people ya bastards!

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