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I don’t know what to put here, no, really, i don’t! I have had this domain for about 3-4 years now and the only thing that has really ever been on here was a coming soon image and a under construction image slash. Its not that i don’t have anything to put on here, i mean, a mini site like what you see at has always been my plan and a small blog, even though i don’t know what really the use will be for cause i don’t discuss my life like that, but about a week ago i decided to start working on the site and at least put something up on there and so i have done πŸ˜€ Happy? Well, i am. I am no longer paying for the domain in vein, now i have something on there! No more wasting money! πŸ™‚

Anyways, enough about my ranting. The website is still a work in construction as i still have things to put up on there. The blog is where i will continue my rantings like this here. I live in the south also and was born in Nigeria, raised around, so you might see some thing here you might not think is appropriate, but thats your problem! This is my personal blog, so πŸ˜›

Expect some more things to be added as days go by. Expect some cool new features and sme thing i like to experiment with, PHP especially πŸ™‚

True Geek! πŸ˜†

Best Regards,
Olajide Olaolorun

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