BTS Viva Las Gidi

You know something i don’t do often is make a playlist for what i am going to be playing or for my mixtapes, i just freestyle on them and go with the flow, but from the get go i knew this mixtape had to be done specially.

It all started from the design, a designer friend of mine designed it and put it up on Facebook, i saw it and knew i had to use it for my next mixtape. Although i had originally intended to release Viva Las Gidi December 2010, things didn’t fall through and i had little time to work on it.

So come January, everyone releasing mixtapes left and right and i knew i had to make time for it and drop it. It was bad enough DJ Neptune’s Mixtape had the same 3-4 starting tracks i planned to start Viva Las Gidi with, so i had to go back to the table to amend a few things so it wouldnt sound the same.

The starting playlist… from here i tried to narrow things down.

There was 2 ways to Viva Las Gidi, i could start high tempo and bring it down to low tempo, or go low tempo to high tempo, at a point i actually wanted to make it 2 sides with the 2 different ways so people can decide on which they liked better, but with time pressing i decided to go with the low tempo to high tempo original format and narrowed it down to this playlist.

Ofcourse, DJ Neptune’s mixtape dropped a week or 2 later after that playlist with the same starting songs so i ended up changing the starting lineup in a different order and we have Viva Las Gidi.


  1. hoodbilli says:

    Nice mixtape bro. I’m honored to be on it! #pow

  2. iamola says:

    Honor to have you on it. Lol