Chopped N Skrewed



Whats with T-Pain and this style of music videos… lol. I think this was also close to the Can’t Believe It video.

Anyways, i was at Velvet last nite for Mary Jay’s Concert Afterparty. CRAZY! Didnt know she was that short though. Anyways, she got her groove on, they played some old school New York jams i aint heard since i first got here.

Jazzy Pha came out to show support along with some other stars. Most of the Falcon players where out and so where the *it aint tricking if you got it* females. lol It was free all nite, got there at 10 and that line was too long so we just decided to pay rather than waiting in some damn long as line.

It hit me there that most ATLiens dont know music other than theirs. Pop Champagne, Paper Planes…. OMG… New music straight from NY and most people where like WTF is this? New York has come back to re-claim Hip Hop so down south rappers gotta fight to hold that control or lose it.